Solar Systems (by Ross Sonnenberg)

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Art at a Snail’s Pace

You’ve finally made it, after a breathless climb up the winding marble staircase, to the upper terrace of the Duomo di Milano — the famed Cathedral of Milan, Italy, and the fourth largest in the world. You flip through your guide book. A towering forest of ornate spires, the same ones that enchanted the literary likes of Mark Twain and Henry James? Check. The hundred gruesome gargoyles, staring down from their marble perches? Check. There is the precious white marble, quarried from Cadoglia, and a view of the Italian Swiss Alps in the distance (amid the smog). And yet, if you happened to be one of thousands of tourists who visited the Duomo two months ago, there was also something out of place — a bit of modernity sticking out among the 14th-century Gothic masterpiece.

There, slinking across the cathedral’s steps and roof, were dozens of bright blue plastic snails.

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The front door swung open and, with a delighted cry of ‘Daddy’s home!’, Alistair’s main reason for living rushed towards him, arms out-stretched, an ecstatic grin across her five-year-old face.
Slipping into ‘hard-working father home from the office’ mode and mood, Alistair dropped onto one knee and hugged Kate, his daughter.
— Gary Russell, The Scales of Injustice (1996)

Kate (Lethbridge-)Stewart was originally created by Marc Platt for the 1995 direct-to-video spinoff Downtime (see the second row of gifs), where she was played by Beverley Cressman. 



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The beautiful thing about this was just that out of all of time and space, he chose to see his world. The one he never even cared to see up until that point. And after seeing it, he went out and really saw it. I just really liked that. I really like our world, guys. 

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The other day, someone told me I look like Gary Oldman. I am more than okay with that.

The other day, someone told me I look like Gary Oldman. I am more than okay with that.